Transportation Design Exterior / Transportation Design Interior

The course Transportation Design Exterior is only available in its purest form in Germany at Pforzheim University and is aimed at applicants who want to combine their passion for vehicles, above-average technical understanding and, last but not least, artistic talent in one profession. He trains future designers in the special area of vehicle design. The focus of the work is on the automobile. 

Main objective of the course Transportation interior design is the conception and design of vehicle interiors. This course is only available in this "pure form" at the Reutlingen University and worldwide. Here, students in the bachelor's and master’s degree courses receive the necessary interdisciplinary expertise to design interiors for all types of transport - from conception to practical implementation.

The Reutlingen and Pforzheim locations are at the heart of the automotive industry and offer short distances to Porsche, Daimler and Smart, Audi, BMW and Recaro. These companies play a key role in the implementation of the course content. This ensures the practical relevance of the training at all levels.

The field of work of exterior and interior transportation designers is not national but global, in the industrialized nations mainly in the vehicle industry and at the supplier companies. 

Design universities:

Pforzheim University, Reutlingen University. The Munich University of Applied Sciences also offers the FH Joanneum (Graz)

These working examples were created by the following participants:
Nicolai Oluf Shirtrup, Anna-Maria Boutachkova, Maxi Braunperger, Lukas Knoll, Eljesah Shala

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