Fashion and textile design / accessory design

Fashion design stands for the development of creative, intelligent and sustainable solutions for all areas of clothing. The fashion, clothing and textile industries are among the largest industries in the world. Fashion design affects the areas of sport and art as well as photography and media. In addition to technical understanding, fashion design demands a high level of creativity. 

The realization and use of textiles and surfaces that will later be used - mainly in fashion, in interiors and in vehicles - are the main focuses of the textile design course. The students are sensitized to textile properties such as motif, pattern, color, feel, material, structure and technology and their interaction; But the eye for qualities like appearance, elasticity, grip and transparency is also sharpened.
Accessories such as shoes, bags, belts, glasses, scarves, etc. define or accentuate the look of fashion today. The aim of the accessory design course is to train creative designers with their own signature, who are able to combine individuality, quality craftsmanship and technical know-how in their concepts.

Fashion, textile and accessory designers find fields of work in industry, trade or work independently. For fashion designers there are also jobs in the journalistic field. 

Design universities:

Pforzheim University (fashion and accessory design), University of Trier, HAW Hamburg, Art Academy Berlin Weißensee, HTW Berlin, KH-BerlinUDK Berlin, FH-Bielefeld, FH-ZwickauHS-HanoverArt Academy Halle Burg Giebichenstein, Reutlingen University (fashion and textile design), AdBK Stuttgart (textile design)

International universities popular with our participants:
Hoogeschool van Amsterdam (NL), University of Brighton (GB)

The working examples were created by the following course participants:

Mirella Gospocic, Rafy Ahmed, Isabel Hartung, Corinna Bachteler, Sandra Schellhammer

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