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The talentstudio offers a preparatory course with portfolio creation and exam preparation as well as other offers for students interested in design. Our preparatory course with portfolio creation is aimed at applicants for design courses (Bachelor and Master). Qualification course for creative and artistic courses. 

As a preparation course for Art for teaching and free art we recommend our partner course "Creative top".

The chance of getting a place at university increases not only through the development of a technically solid and creative application portfolio, but also through the right tactics when applying to universities. With good time planning, you can apply to several universities with just one application folder. 
Admission to these courses of study usually takes place through portfolio and aptitude tests.
A large number of applicants are rejected in this selection process, while properly prepared course participants 93 % 
* Received commitments.

*talentstudio statistics since 2006

How we work

Why do the graduates of the talentstudio get so many places? We work with heart and mind, respond individually to each individual participant and always try to conceive new things with our talent students. Our course participants do not reproduce ideas, instead we always look for alternative ways to achieve set goals. We don't put our stamp on anyone, we don't just work according to scheme F, instead everyone does their own thing. We expect a certain degree of independence and reflection on one's own work. Our team supports the creative process and the realization of the work and gives the participants the right tools.
The talent studio is a creative place where you can turn your visions into reality. This is where young creative people come together, enrich one another and take their first creative paths together.

We regularly publish an overview of the number of study places achieved by our participants (see concept). The high number of successful participants shows that a 3 - 4 month preparation usually leads to the goal. 

Former talent students report on the talent studio and their university