Interior design / interior design / architecture

Interior architecture / interior design: The interior design course is practice-oriented. The course prepares students for employment in a wide range of professional fields. It can be used in interior design offices, architecture offices, trade fair construction companies, but also in specialist companies in interior design, stage design and product design or furniture design. The course enables students to develop their own attitude towards the complex professional field independently and in a well-founded manner. With their special knowledge, they are not only able to work at the interface to architecture and design, but also at the interface to communication design and media design.

Architecture: The main task of architects is the planning, drafting, design and construction of buildings. The focus of architecture studies is on creative design. Constructive, artistic and historically scientific areas are grouped around this. Building and urban development are understood as a unit. Architects have a special responsibility for the quality of our buildings and our cities.

Design colleges:

Mainz University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt College, University of Trier, Art Academy Halle Burg Giebichenstein, Art Academy Munich, University of Düsseldorf, FH Salzburg (wood technology, wood construction), HFT StuttgartADBK-MunichFH KaiserslauternFH-RosenheimHS-CoburgMuthesius University of Art in Kiel

The following working examples were created by the following participants:
Jörn Lehmann, Carmen Abele, Johanna Winter, Laura Kohler, Celine Suter, Hanna Bantle, Johanna Jassniger, Jonathan Schäfer, Lily Eilmann

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Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur_5Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur_5
1_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur1_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur
Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur_2Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur_2
8_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur8_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur
12_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur-Wiederhergestellt12_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur-Wiederhergestellt
11_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur-11_Mappenkurs Stuttgart_Architektur-