Preparatory studies and portfolio creation

Why a preliminary study in the talentstudio?
In our compact four-month preparatory course with portfolio creation, we provide the necessary basics for a successful application for creative courses. Our concept for the preliminary course includes the development of a portfolio for qualification for the aptitude test at design colleges and academies. Here you acquire the basics of drawing, develop a feeling for the harmonious structure of a portfolio and work on individual design projects. There are also subject-specific modules such as photography, printing technology, software basics and keynote speeches on exciting design topics. We also prepare optimally for the entrance exams and interviews. We simulate exam situations in workshops.


Our preparatory course is just right if you ...

  • want to orientate themselves in the field of design after leaving school
  • would like to get an insight into different design professions 
  • Wants time and space to experiment 
  • wants to be inspired by other creative people
  • want to start their studies perfectly prepared in a short time

We offer preparation for the following creative courses:

  • Industrial design / product design / industrial design
  • Architecture / interior design / interior design
  • Communication design / illustration / visual communication
  • Fashion design, textile design, accessory design
  • Media design / time-based media
  • Interaction design, interactive media, intermedial design, etc.
  • Jewelry design, gemstone and jewelry
  • Transportation Design Exterior / Transportation Design Interior
  • Game design
  • Game and learning design (art college, Halle)
  • Stage and costume design
  • Photo design / photography


Course content and modules of the preliminary course

The free work on individual design projects takes up a large part of the 2 - 4 months of the preparatory studies and the portfolio preparation. This individual work is combined with our flexible modules. The following graphic shows an example of the teaching content we are teaching here. Modules such as experimental design or photography have workshop character and are supplemented by keynote lectures on well-known designers and artists, different design professions and design universities, etc. as well as excursions to work shows or museums.

Without detours to study

The four-month preparatory course is a well-invested time, as this is the length of time it usually takes to meet the demands and expectations placed on applicants. Applicants who prepare for their studies independently often need several attempts to get a place at the university. That costs a lot of time and energy. That is why it is usually the shortest and safest way to invest the time before your studies in a good and professional preparation phase. 

In addition, our preparatory studies make it easier to start your studies, as important design skills are already available. 

We are also always at your side when it comes to arranging pre-study internships or, in the case of foreign applicants, with questions about application formalities.