Our concept is based on 7 factors that determine the success of our courses. Our course participants have achieved over 1,200 places so far.

Intensity: The majority of the applicants complete a four-month preparatory course in order to acquire the technical and creative skills. We also have special offers for advanced learners.

Continuity: The preparatory studies take place in daily sequence (half-day or full-day) with individual and personal supervision.

Personnel competence:  We have many years of experience in motivating creative people. We also integrate active and design students into our team. This creates a direct connection to student work and the universities or academies.

Consulting competence: We advise independently on the choice of the subject and the university or academy. Excursions to factory shows and visits from former participants help with the decision-making process for the respective course. We are in constant contact with students, who complement our range of courses with special workshops and provide information about their university.

Level: We turn applicants into students. In a short time, at a high level, for all renowned universities in Germany and abroad. First and foremost, this includes the good creative direction of our lecturers. The talentstudio is neither a painting school nor a simple drawing course. Folders for certain courses are often created without drawings and paintings. Films, photos, model prototypes, sculptures and digital works are the right means of expression for applications at many colleges and universities.

The atmosphere: A good atmosphere is also an important prerequisite for motivating young creative people to perform at their best. That's why we have a studio that you enjoy coming to every day and that you enjoy working in. A few minutes from Stuttgart main station, on the Killesberg.

Quality: Since the studio was founded, over 1200 study places at home and abroad have been awarded to our course participants. Based on our many years of experience with young creative people, we have developed a modular concept that in most cases also leads to success. We document the performance of our teaching activities with our annual track record. The number of places achieved is the only reliable measure of the value of a good range of courses. Some of our participants come from far away, for example from Taiwan, Thailand, China, South Korea, Mexico, Denmark, Poland, France, Austria. 

Successful participants

Reference lists of participants who have successfully applied to renowned universities and academies.