The 2019 scholarship has already been awarded.

talentstudio scholarship 2019
worth 1,260 euros to be awarded.

The talentstudio will again award a scholarship in 2019. 
We want to use it to promote active and social talent. Those who cannot afford a professional preparatory course now have the opportunity to receive support from us.
For the third time, we are offering a scholarship for a talent who would like to apply for one of the following courses of study: industrial design, transportation design (interior, exterior), communication design, media design, interior design, architecture, fashion / textile design, jewelry design, interaction design, game design.
The scholarship consists of a three-month course on study preparation and portfolio creation worth 1,260 euros.

Requirements for applicants:

Submit 3 - 5 works that document the creative talent (model, drawing, collage, photography or computer artwork ...).

Applicants must be able to complete the course continuously. Unfortunately, applicants with an involvement through studies, a full-time job or school cannot be considered.

Applicants must have a (subject-specific) higher education entrance qualification or Abitur.

The scholarship must be completed between April 22 and December 15, 2019.

Applicants want to apply to a German or foreign state university


Send us 3 - 5 papers (PDF or JPG files) as attachments in good resolution

The application deadline is April 15, 2019

In the e-mail to us, briefly introduce yourself (name, age, place of residence, etc.) which field of study you want to apply for and, if you already know, which college or university you would like to go to.

Please also give your current address and contact details (address, email, telephone).

We look forward to all submissions - take courage!
We will identify the scholarship holder within one week of the submission deadline and notify them directly.