talentstudio scholarship 2019
worth 1,260 euros to be awarded

The talentstudio will again award a scholarship in 2019. 
We want to use it to promote active and social talent. Those who cannot afford a professional preparatory course now have the opportunity to receive support from us.
For the third time, we are offering a scholarship for a talent who would like to apply for one of the following courses of study: industrial design, transportation design (interior, exterior), communication design, media design, interior design, architecture, fashion / textile design, jewelry design, interaction design, game design.
The scholarship consists of a three-month course on study preparation and portfolio creation worth 1,260 euros.


A few useful links for looking for a room in Stuttgart


(More links under Contact )

If you can't find a place to stay in Stuttgart right away, you can also search in the surrounding area. Cities like Ludwigsburg or Esslingen are popular. From there, Stuttgart can be reached in around 15 minutes by S-Bahn. From the main train station we can be reached in 7 minutes with line 44.


Distinguished visit to the talent studio 

On November 2nd, Prof. Axel Müller-Schöll from the Burg Giebichstein School of Art in Halle visited the talent studio. The university offers a wide range of study opportunities in the fields of art and design. You also noticed more often on that from the talent studio many successful applicants come. This was also last spring the case again. 




List of successful applicants in the first half of 2017: 

Halle, Giebichenstein Castle:
Interior design: Magdalena Fahrner, Johannes Kapp 
Communication design: Paul Werner

HTW Berlin:
Communication design: Annalena Glimm, Tutku Sahin, Lara Melinda Hasic, Jasmin Meier **
Berlin Weissensee: 
Stage and costume: Sarah Wolters, Claudine Walter
HS Pforzheim:
Industrial Design: Tassilo Heling, Lesline Kemper, Dosmas Dinh, Miro Eckhardt, Antonia Döhring ** Cedric Oder ** 
Vivian James, Matthisas Alber **
Visual communication: Vincent Reichstein

Fashion design: Sophie Pechanel, Tobias Tengler, Sabrina Ohm, Arzu Simsek, Abdulah Celik, Sophie Pechanel
Accessory design: Marian DeMasi, Sandra Schellhammer

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd:
Product design:  
Michelle Sindel, Madita Ludwig, Adrian Sovary **, Lukas Moro, Gina Buchenroth **,
Nathalie Sophie Engel, Alexandra Lieb, Moritz Schewe **, Matthias Alber **
Interaction design: Mieke Fimpel, Annika Schiefer

University of Aachen:
Communication design: Jana Rzehak ***
Industrial design: Diana Grossmann, Gina Buchenroth **

University of Münster:
Communication design: Jana Rzehak ***
Mainz University of Applied Sciences:
Communication design: Lukas Freibauer, Isabella Lang, Manuel Rau, Caroline Westrich ** 
Adrian Sovary **, Jule Liesdorf, Karim Murtada, Olga Karaolya **
Interior design: Elisabeth Dannenmann, Johannes Kapp **, Nina Ludwig, Jennifer Ianula ***

University of Trier:
Interior design: Malte Grosch
Augsburg University of Applied Sciences:
Communication design: Nadine Haug
HDBK Hamburg:
Free art (cooperation with Kreativkreisel): Lena Baethmann **
HAW Hamburg: Stage and costume: Theresa Bahmann
HfT Stuttgart:
Interior design: Moritz Schewe **, Neda Vackow
University of Stuttgart:
Architecture: Ramis Gadou *, Maxim Zimmermann
ADBK Stuttgart:
Communication design: Christoph Reinicke **, Jana Rzehak ***
Art / teaching (cooperation with Kreativkreisel): Paula Kächler, Julia Windhager,
Larissa Weinberger **, Natalie Boos
Free art (cooperation with Kreativkreisel): Evangelia Ntoumi,
Stephanie Bothe, Lena Baethmann **
Textile design: Linda Fleig

ADBK Karlsruhe:
Art / teaching communication design (cooperation with Kreativkreisel): 
Larissa Weinberger **, Marlena Staab, Lara Thürnau

University of Siegen:
Architecture: Ramis Gadou *
Johanneum Graz:
Industrial design: Cedric Oder **, Lukas Moro
FHWS Würzburg-Schweinfurt:
Caroline Westrich **, Olga Karaolya **
University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern:
Interior design: Svenja Birke
Reutlingen University:
Transportation Design Interior: Antonia Döhring
Art Academy Munich:
Interior design: Laura Knoll
University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf:
Interior design: Jennifer Lanula ***

* Names with an asterisk (s) stand for further admission to study at other universities
Status: July 25, 2017


For the coming summer semester 2017, 22 of our applicants have already received places: 

HAW Hamburg
Stage and costume: Theresa Bahmann
Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee
Stage and costume: Sarah Wolters, Claudine Walter
HS Pforzheim  
Industrial design: Tassilo Heling, Lesline Kemper, Kosmas Dinhu, Miro Eckhardt
Visual communication: Vincent Reichstein
Fashion design: Tobias Tengler, Sabrina Ohm, Arzu Simsek
Accessory design: Marina DeMasi, Sandra Schellhammer

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd  
Michelle Sindel, Madita Ludwig, Adrian Sovary, Lukas Moro
HS Mainz
Communication design: Lucas Freibauer, Isabella Lang, Manuel Rau
Interior design: Elisabeth
 Then man
HS Trier
Interior design: Malte Grosch


Course vouchers to give away.

This gift is twice as much fun, first at Christmas and later when you receive your university place.
Most of our graduates get their desired study place and we know the joy that such news triggers. 

To purchase a voucher, simply send us an email at info@talentstudio.org with the following information:
Name of the course participant, course, address of the customer.



For the coming semester, 60 of our applicants have already received places: 

HfG Pforzheim  
Daniel Wenzel, ID / Lukas Knoll, ID / Julius Breit, ID / Philipp Nickerl, ID / Larissa Binder, MD / Corinna Bachteler, MD /
Emely Arig, MD / Anna-Maria Boutachkova, TD

HTWG Konstanz 
Clarissa Thomas*, KD / Luna Mokhlis, KD / Mario Nägele*, KD
AdBK Stuttgart
Katharina Göppert, art teacher / Mirela Gospocic, textile design
University of Brighton 
Vanessa Menrad, Fashion communication
HS Düsseldorf
Xenia Apostolou, KD
JGS Stuttgart
Lara Hiller, graphic design
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Max Barthel, PG / Colin Gerst, PG / Raphael Szydlo, PG / Katharina Kohllöffel, PG / Adrian Baranek, PG / Oliver Weglinsky, PG / Moritz Kuhn, KG / Mona Hübner, KG / Franziska Müller, KG / Anuwat Chumrak, KG, / Sugmin Park*, Master (Strategic Design)
HS Mainz
Karin Hosukawa, ZBM / Frederik Atak, ZBM / Flavia Gütermann*, IA / Mariella Würschum, IA / Lisa Hadarth, KD / Claudia Schulz, KD / Hanh-Nhien Pham, KD / Cristof Floymayr, KD / Verena Sauter, KD / Clara Aberham, KD

HS Niederrhein
Kübra Muhacir, textile / clothing technology
BDK Berlin
Mascha Camino, Game Design
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
Anika Sander*, KD
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art in Halle
Nils Krüger, ID
FH Joanneum (Graz)
Jakob Kohnle
*, ID / Oliver Weglinski*, ID
FH Salzburg
Benedikt Bayer, design and product management
Art Academy Munich
Flavia Gütermann, IA

HS Trier
Arduba Hoti, MD / Lara Womann, MD / Isabell Hartung, MD
HS Reutlingen
Lena Beier, TDI / Dominik Abele, TDI
Bauhaus University Weimar
Grischa Schmidt*, Architecture
HS Nürtingen
Lili Contzem, HS Nürtingen, art therapy

ID = industrial design / MD = fashion design / TD = transportation design / KD = communication design / PG = product design / KG = communication design / ZBM = time-based media (media design) / IA = interior design / TDI = transportation-interior design / AD = accessory design / FK = free art

* Applicants with stars have achieved one additional study place per star.


72 reached
Study places 2015!


Latest news from the talent studio

On our blog you will find many works, that were created in the talent studio.
Furthermore: NEWS, INFO, FOLDER

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